Susan's Artist Statement

           The inspiration for my work comes from the needlework that women have done over the centuries as creative expression at home and in the factory.  Growing up and observing the interactions between my mother, grandmother and other women enlightened me to the common bonds women share.  The different facets of sewing connected the women together as they shared their expertise, ideas and supplies with one another.  The frustrations and tedium of the day seemed to fade away as they began their creative process. 


Thread detail

My work relates to the memories I have of observing these interactions and my experiences with my mother, sister and women friends as we engaged in similar activities over the years.   Recently, my work has transpired from traditional sewing and needlework applications to creating my own textiles.  I explore the boundaries of the textures I create using leftover fabric and threads used by my grandmother, mother, sister and friends. 

             I have found a community of women creates a fabric of sorts, sometimes fragile as a single thread but when woven together strength and variety; a fabric of different colors and texture.  My art speaks about the connections as well as, constraints that women have found themselves in trying to fulfill traditional female roles while simultaneously needing to contribute economically.